The city of the tower and lush vineyards

UNESCO World Heritage Site since 2014

Barbaresco is a village of great history in the hills of the Langhe of Piedmont, where the landscape is formed and transformed into symbiosis with the work of the winemakers.

The medieval old town is on the highest part of a hill, dominated by a tower, La Torre di Barbaresco, now restored and open to the public which allows a unique view from 36 meters high: all around Barbaresco, Barolo and Neive onto the Tanaro river and the surrounding beautiful valley. The Tower of Barbaresco is the largest medieval tower in the whole of Piedmont. From here one can appreciate the neat lines of the rows interrupted now by a castle, now by an estate, now by a farmhouse.

Here is the heart of the production of Barbaresco wine, a robust and solid red, fed by the good air of the territory and above all, by the land, made rich by the waters of the Tanaro and by the hands of the winemakers who dedicate themselves to their vineyards with particular care and dedication.

Barbaresco and Barolo are certainly among the most famous wines of Piedmontese production, wines that are inextricably linked to the history of Italy thanks also to the commitment and ingenuity of characters like Camillo Benso Conte di Cavour, responsible for the recognition of these denominations and in some way – for the future success of the wine and the area.