The origins

Massimo Rattalino

The Massimo Rattalino winery is located on one of the most prestigious hills of the Barbaresco area.

The choice to dedicate almost the entire production to this noble and versatile grape was a precise choice to better enhance the main Piedmontese grape varietal. A clear choice: to enhance this noble and austere grape varietal that has so much to tell, and that only through great care, can express itself with elegance and longevity.

Careful management of the vineyards is essential to bring high quality grapes to the cellar. The classic Guyot vine training system is utilized and the harvest is manual. The care of the vineyard is precise, marked only by the variability of nature that makes every harvest unique.

Every detail counts

Yields are controlled and harvest is manual to guarantee the quality of the grapes. This is the philosophy of Massimo Rattalino: excellent wines can only be obtained from an excellent raw material.

Work in the cellar gives continuity to what happens in the vineyard. Fermentation takes place mainly in steel, while aging in large Slavonian oak barrels is our choice to enhance the elegance of our wines. Only for the more structured Barbaresco and Barolo the large barrel is accompanied by a passage in tonneaux which, thanks to a slow oxygenation, gives soft and pleasant tannins.