Barolo Chinato

HISTORY Born in Piedmont in the second half of the 19th century like a medicinal wine with exceptional therapeutic properties against cold illnesses. In a short time this wine spread all over Italy, thank to the perfect balance bitter-sweet given by calissaja chincona bark, gentian root, spices and aromatic grasses, that make it an ideal aperitif wine, for meditation and to satisfy the most discerning palates. It has recently been discovered as the ideal partner of the noble dark chocolate and of those sweets that have cocoa as the main ingredient

THE WINE Barolo DOCG wine made from a careful selection of the best nebbiolo grape bunches riped in our own vineyards in Bric Bergera in Novello, well known as one of the most prestigious cru of the territory. The production results from a scrupulous separate vinification and “traditional” aging for at least three years in medium-large Slavonian oak barrels

PREPARATION The extracts obtained from a separate infusion in alcohol of calissaja chincona bark, quassa wood, gentian root, cardamom seeds, juniper berries, tonka bean, mace, chamomile and other natural flavours are combined with Bergera Barolo and then the wine is kept for about six months in small French oak barrels to acheive the right balance among different components

COLOUR Garnet-red with crimson highlights

PERFUME Alcoholic, in addition to (as well as) calissaja chincona, a miscellany of officinal herbs stands out, and gentian root, rhubarb and cardamom form a ring round bergamot and Chinese pepper

TASTE Velvety, very soft and full-bodied. Hints of bitter almond and fresh marzipan blend well


BOTTLE black future 0,5 L