The Origins

Massimo Rattalino

Massimo Rattalino

My aim is to realize something unique. The vines are cultivated to obtain only the best grapes and put through an impeccable vinification process to yield a refined and special wine.

I dreamed of dedicating my life to winemaking in the Piedmont region with its long oenologic tradition. I soon embarked on an ambitious project: to produce wines from the Nebbiolo grape, an ancient varietal that lends itself to producing wines of the highest quality and prestige. Now, I am realizing my passion and will make no compromises.

Every detail counts

The winemaking process is governed by precise rules which must be followed every step of the way. The vines are tended – pruned and thinned – and only the choicest grapes are utilized to be cru. Extreme care is taken with fermentation and aging. Large barrels are preferred to barrique to produce the traditional wines of the Langhe.

After initial production of Barbaresco, followed the Nebbiolo of the Langhe and then Barolo. The terroir and different techniques make for unique and extraordinary wines.

Even the labels seek to express distinction; elegance and austerity combine with the innovative idea of marking the different wines with a numerical sequence.